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UTC Log Converter


License: GPL


-        Convert the timestamp in log files to or from UTC




This tool will convert the time stamp within log files to or from UTC.  Input text, file or folder containing multiple files to output with converted timestamps.  This process can be performed from the GUI or using parameters.




UTCLC.exe [input path] [date format] [output path] [-o1|-o2|-o3] [-c] [month position] [UTC Offset (optional parameter)]


input path

The path to the file or folder containing the files you want to modify


date format

The date example needed to identify the format of the date.  This will be the full date time stamp used in the log files.


output path

The path to the file or folder where the converted file(s) will be saved to


Output formats:


M/D/YYYY 0:00:00 PM


MM/DD/YYYY 00:00:00


YYYY/MM/DD 00:00:00



Convert time stamp


month position

The position of the month digit(s) in the date. 1 being the first set of digits, 2 being the second and 3 being the 3rd.


MM/DD/YYYY 00:00:00


DD/MM/YYYY 00:00:00


YYYY/DD/MM 00:00:00


UTC Offset

An optional parameter to overide the UTC offset of the system and use the one specified in the parameter. 




When processing date format example where the month or day switch to or from single to double digit within the log is not acounted for.  Only feed log files where the day and month digit length is the same throughout the file.


Release notes:

            V 1.0 - First public released version.


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Special thanks to the following people for allowing the use of their code:


Kennith Ives

Steve McMahon - http://www.vbaccelerator.com