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ADS Tool




License: Freeware


-         Create new Alternate Data Streams

-         Launch file directly from ADS or through another application

-         Remove Alternate Data Streams

-         Save Alternate Data Streams




This tool is to assist users in working with Alternate Data Streams.  The GUI will allow you to add files to an Alternate Data Stream in a simplified manner.  After creation you can launch the file itself from the ADS or launch via another application.  This program is mainly designed to assit programmers with their ADS enabled applications but can also be used by anybody for several purposes.  So let’s say if you saved an executable to an ADS you can launch the exe directly through the tool.  If you wanted to view a text file you saved in an ADS you could launch the file through a text editor such as notepad.  Also if you wish to remove an existing ADS it is as easy as choosing delete.  I've recently added is the ability to save the contents of an ADS to your system.  Right now that is the extent of the tool but do have plans to complete adding in directory ADS search feature.  Hopefully this tool will help you save time in your dealings with alternate data streams as I know it has for me.  If you find that this tool could save you even more time if it had new functionality let me know what it is and I will try to implement it in the next release.  This tool has worked great for my what I've used it for but I’m sure there are several areas of improvement. 




-           Tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

-           Incompatible with Windows 9x and non NTFS partitions


Release notes:

            V 1.5 – Updated GUI functions, bug fixes and removed ocx dependancy

            V 1.4 – Updated GUI functions and added functionality

            V 1.3 – Added features and functionality

            V 1.2 – Updated installer, bug fixes, enhanced features

            V 1.1 – Updated GUI functions and installer

            V 1.0 – First public released version.

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