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Desktop Hijack Fix



License: Freeware


-         Restores Windows desktop and wallpaper back to original settings

-         Ability to backup and restore non-default desktop settings

-         Detects when your wallpaper or desktop settings have changed

-     Detects and removes common policy restrictions used by malware




     This tool can be used to fix most problems in which your normal background is not displayed.  Desktop related problems can be caused by virus \ malware or can be simply that your active desktop may have just encountered an error. A common malware (rouge antivirus \ antispyware, ransomware, hijackware, etc) trick is to replace your desktop background or lock your screen with an image or website in order to get you to perform an action ( purchase fake services/products such as antivirus software or give sensitive information).  This form of hijacking involves reconfiguring your desktop to display something other than your default configuration. Malware can also prevent access to your desktop and releated functions all together.   


     You can use Desktop Hijack Fix to restore default settings for your desktop and remove any changes that have been made.  It can also be used to backup your current desktop configuration to be restored later if you choose to not restore the default settings.  During running operation this tool has been designed to alert you if you desktop or related settings have been hijacked based off your previous configuration. If malicious software has been indentified the tool can quarantine the virus file.


      Desktop Hijack Fix has the ability to scan for and remove policy settings that may have been imposed by malware.  When malicious software hijacks your desktop it may put policies in place to keep you from undoing the changes it has made and prevent you from removing the malware itself.  This includes preventing access to the display icon in the control panel, task manager, regedit or even the whole control panel. 


Optional parameters:


Desktop Hijack Fix.exe [-d]



After being launched restore the desktop settings to default and close




-           Tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

-           Incompatible with Windows 9x


Release notes:

            V 1.4.2  Bug fixes        
            V 1.4.1 New installer, core feature enhancements, bug fixes, Windows 7 compatibility and added system tray icon.

            V 1.3.6 Added new desktop hijack detection and removal functionality

            V 1.3  Added more policy removal features, added trace detection and removal, improved desktop hijack detection and removal

            V 1.2 Updated OS compatibility.  Added policy removal features.   Improved background restore functionality.
            V 1.1 New policy removal features and improved background repair functionality.

            V 1.0 First public released version.


Download link:


Download Link 1 

Download Link 2 


Want the stand alone executable so you don't have to install?  If so click here







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