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Opachki Removal Tool

License: Freeware


-         Removes Opachki virus from memory

-         Removes Opachki virus from hard drive

-         Removes run keys created by Opachki virus

-    Scan and remove Opachki virus from roaming profiles




     This tool can be used to scan and remove Opachki virus from your system or roaming profiles.  A log of actions taken is created and can be viewed during or after the scan.  I recommend repeating the scans until the virus is no longer detected.  This particular variant has been documented in a few locations which I have included links to below:





Optional parameters:


remove_Opachki.exe [-r] [h] [a]



After being launched start a scan to find and remove Opachki



After being launched start a scan to find and remove Opachki and auto-accept any prompts



After being launched start the program without a window (hidden).  This option also executes the -r parameter (even if not specified) and will auto accept any prompts you would usually have to answer.  After the scan to find and remove Opachki is done the program will close itself down.



Release notes:


     V 1.1 Bug fixes, added confirmation prompt, improved logging and additional registry cleanup

     V 1.0 First public released version


Download link:


Download Link 1







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