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Torrent Checker


License: Freeware


-        Calculates the info hash of the torrent file

-        Check if a torrent file is rated valid, fake or neutral by using the bitsnoop.com FakeSkan API (http://bitsnoop.com/info/api.html)

-         Allow torrent files to be opened based on your rating preference selection

-         Associate with .torrent extension for automatic checking of torrent files before opening with your torrent client software




     Torrent Check is a useful application for checking the validity of torrent files before you open them for download.  Utilizing the bitsnoop.com FakeSkan API rating system you can identify valid, fake and neutral torrents.  Identifying if a torrent is fake before downloading the content will save you time and Bandwidth!  Torrent Checker can associate itself with the .torrent extension which allows you to automatically filter all torrent downloads through Torrent Checker. This method uses your saved preferences to only allow the ratings (valid, fake and neutral) that you want. 


Torrent Checker parameter:


TorrentChecker.exe <path to torrent file>




-           Limited testing on Windows 2000

-           Tested on Windows XP, Vista and 7


Release notes:

     V 1.1 Updated to use bitsnoop.com API. Improved functionality to perform file association with .torrent files in Windows Vista or greater.

     V 1.0 First public released version.


Additional notes:


This software uses the bitsnoop.com FakeSkan API and user agreement of bitsnoop.com Terms Of Service (TOS) is required before you can use Torrent Checker.  Big thanks goes out to the people behind bitsnoop.com and the FakeSkan API.  Without them this software would not be possible. Previous version of Torrent Checker used the fenopy.com Fake Scan API but since the site was shut down API access was moved to bitsnoop.com.If there is another API service you would like to utilize with the software please shoot an email to the contact address below.


Download link:


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