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Thanks for visiting my web site!  Currently this web site is only for my free applications which are ready for download. 


Free tools


Web Page Search tool - allows you to search any website's HTML code for specific text.

Desktop Hijack Fix - tool which can be used to correct problems with the background of your desktop.

ADS TOOL - Alternate Data Stream Tool which makes working with Alternate Data Streams easy.

Opachki removal tool -  scan and remove Opachki virus from your system or roaming profiles. 

CharCode Array Decoder - Converts or decodes a CharCode Array into readable text

RHIPS - Rhythm Host Intrusion Prevention System is a log file monitoring HIPS

Port Knock Verifier - Provides basic port knock sequence verification on the Windows firewall log

CIFS File Drop Tester - Tests the access to Windows network shares

UTC Log Converter - Convert the date time stamp to or from UTC within log files

Torrent Checker - Checks if a torrent file is fake